12 March, 2012

le weekend

hello friends, how was your weekend?
mine was just right --- spent all saturday driving around the countryside and stopping into antique shops with B and then most of sunday working away in my studio.

B and i both saw this fan and knew pretty much right away that it had to come home with us:

i mean, come on, it's got that big K on it AND it's that beautiful turquoise green that i love? i did my usual hemming and hawing that i didn't *need* it, but B was a sweetheart and bought it for us. happy-making.

a little later in the day, i spied this amazing blue/red/white striped feedsack material. i pulled it out and marveled at it and then put it back, thinking, "kj, you have *so* much fabric at home; put it down." but i decided it was too special to let it go. i think it'll make delightful chez-sucre-chez zipper pouches. and i got a pony. B got a bunch of apes, but i couldn't find them to take a photo.

then, at what i think was our last stop before i declared antique over-load, i found these apple crates, which will be big players in my booth set-up for all of the awesome craft-show/fair/events coming up this spring/summer:

(they were only $6 each! woohoo!)

i hope you all had a super-swell weekend. this warmer and sunnier weather is making me feel much more happy and productive than i've been in weeks. more to come, soon! xo.

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