11 October, 2011

i will follow you...

after months of being out of the shop, and getting several requests for it, the "listen to your heart..." piece is back!

i had to do a little rethinking/reworking after the frame size (to which i'd originally designed it to fit) was discontinued, but now, methinks it works super well in the 8 x 10 frame size.

and b, my wonderful photoshop-saavy boyfriend, worked a little magic to lay the text overtop of the photo for the etsy listing.

(i know, it's not such a difficult thing to do, but i tell you, i have NO patience for those design programs and i'm happy to have someone who can help me to make things happen. otherwise, this would be sitting on my to-do list for weeks.)

i designed this piece right after i made my decision to move out to california for a little while and then, once i put it in the shop, got several orders for all kinds of places -- some of the memorable ones were "sweden" and "hollywood" and "florida," which i *almost* sent out stitched up as "flordia," and i probably would have if it weren't for my lovely friend and sometimes chez-sucre-chez assistant nicole pointing it out to me! phew! i'm still thankful of that, nicole!
where has your heart taken you?

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