06 October, 2011

color conundrum

oh friends i need your help.
i got three new towel colors for my monogram towels, but i'm having the most difficult time coming up with truly descriptive names for these colors!
here they are:

the working name for this one is latte:

and seriously, the reason for that is simply because when i went to take the photos of these towels this morning, i just happened to put my mug of almost-all-gone latte down next to them and noticed that the color was pretty similar.
and then there's this one, which i'm currently calling cornflower -- but it's not quite cornflower:

i simply don't know how to describe/name this color blue! what the heck is it? it's not tiffany blue, it's not royal blue, it's not cerulean -- what is it?!
then the last one is this one, on top:

(i didn't get a good shot of that one alone....)
it's not off white, it's not beige, or tan -- what the heck do i call this one? maybe it is beige, or tan, but those are such boring names and i don't think they really are quite right for this color.
i don't need any fancy names like you'd see describing the colors of sweaters in a j crew catalogue -- i just need simple, true, descriptive color names that are also hopefully attractive sounding.
any recommendations?
ugh, i am going through color conundrum indeed! i'm also in the midst of trying to find the right color for my living room and that is driving me crazy, too. i'd been looking through paint chip samples for weeks and had my mind set on one, then i went and got a color sample of the paint yesterday (my past house renovation project taught me many things, GET A PAINT SAMPLE was one of the biggest: color *never* looks the same on a wall as it does on one of those paper paint chips) and i don't love it.

so now i'm back to square one. you'd think that with me looking at those brown/beige/greige/tan paint chips so much that i'd have plenty of color names in mind for these towels! but i really don't want to name the towel colors "mushroom bisque" or "almond whisp".... okay -- that's all for now. if you have any ideas for me, please send them my way! thanks so much!

(the new colors, by the way, are available for order through the shop!)


mollysusie said...

how about ocean (blue, duh), sand (latte), and stone?

chezkimberly said...

sand is definitely one of the names in the running -- and i thought of stone, too! hmmmm. considering all! thanks so much for taking the time to share, miss mollysusie! (pacific was one of my first thought for the blue, too -- but this blue is more true than that -- i think i'm over-thinking it, right?!!?)