05 October, 2011

let's juice!

here's me (making kind of a crazy face) on the set of a little video shoot i helped to do for my friend robyn's website grow indie, which is a fabulous resource for gardeners; whether you have a few containers on your fire escape or a full-on victory garden in your yard.
we were doing a demo video for a wheatgrass juicer and i got my first taste of wheatgrass juice. holy cow, it's good stuff! for the video we did wheatgrass and spinach juice, and that was surprisingly delicious and made me feel like i had taken some sort of pac man power pellets. i brought one of the juicers home with me and made apple/wheatgrass/parsley juice and that is amazingly delicious, too! i think i'm hooked! have any of you ever gone on a wheatgrass kick? do you have any favourite juice recipes/combos or suggestions or recommendations?

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