16 September, 2011

frame thy fearful dissymmetry

continuing on my yellow kick, i bring you a new kit!

i'm calling this one "ring around the posy" and i've got to admit, i'm thrilled with it. this pattern and the colors of the materials are so different from my other kits, i think it's a really nice addition to the collection.

i'm so feeling this yellow on the cool modern grey! it feels so right for the season that we're entering into here. and these goldenrod flowers are all over the roadways here in eastern PA --- i think they've maybe worked themselves into my subconscious and that's where all this inspiration is coming from!

i enjoyed creating this pattern, and trying something a little different from my normal - i specifically designed it NOT to be completely symmetrical. oh, look at me, gettin' all crazy.
other happiness of the day: canon made good by sending me a brand new camera! i sent my old one (the one with the spot behind the lens) back to them to have fixed under warranty, and today i received a new camera. ta-da. hooray. all is good. thank you, big company, for being good to me.
see/purchase the new kit here.
have a great weekend!

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