06 September, 2011

cutting the mustard

i saw this color tea towel at my favourite mennonite dry goods store the last time i was there, and i passed them up. then i kept seeing "mustard yellow" trending all over etsy and totally regretted not getting them. so, i picked some up while i was there on saturday and each time i look at them, i love this color more and more.

look how good it looks with grey stitching! and today, just minutes after i did the listing, i got an etsy convo asking if i could do this color with peacock blue green stitching, and i realized, THAT would look fantastic, too! they're here.

keeping with the mustard kick, i did some zippies with mustard yellow zippers.

i bought the zippers a long time ago, with this exact combo in mind, but then i second guessed myself and i thought maybe it wasn't as cool as i thought it was.... but now i think i was maybe right in the first place. i like them. i'm happy with them.

i also really like this photo -- even though zippy pouches have no context next to tomatoes....

i did two sizes:

one's the size that i usually do for zippies -- about 7 x 5. it's good for use as a wallet/purse sort of thing or little makeup bag.

and the other's a little deeper - which makes it a great project bag! it fits a five inch hoop easily - making it a handy little catch-all for your latest work in progress. throw it in your tote bag without worry about your embroidery floss getting all tangled up in your hairbrush and keys. organized = good. i'm getting there -- little by little....

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