06 December, 2010

sing my life

here are two more pieces that i sent on over to THIS:

(yes, you saw this one earlier -- but not in its finished frame!)

and then this one:

(this is a rather poor photo, but these pixies lyrics are done up in grey stitching on that blue-grey fabric that i love so much... mi piace.)
now, back to my prep for renegade los angeles this weekend!


Megan Woodard Johnson said...

Wow- I haven't commented in a while, but everything from your last several posts looks amazing! GOOD LUCK at the THIS show, and at Renegade...good god, your fingers must be nearly worked to the bone! :)

Anonymous said...

Your new stuff looks amazing, darlin! Really really liked the mushrooms, too. Good luck with upcoming shows and such!

Jesse F.

Clothesline said...

oh - you know i love the bob quote.