09 December, 2010

THIS just in

check 'em out:

the totes that i designed for the opening tomorrow night at THIS have just arrived. i'm thrilled with them; they're gorgeous.
(want one? better get there early! there's only 100 - minus mine - that means 99, really.)
friday night, december 10, 6 - 10 pm, 5906 north figueroa street -- be there. (i'm super-psyched for the event! to see all of my work hanging on the wall - to get to talk about it and hear what people think of it, and then to be able to relax and go have cocktails afterwards, woo-hooooo!) come by and say hello and score a tote!


mosey handmade said...

LOVE this!

Domestica said...

THIS is so beautiful - wish I could camp out to get one. You rule.

chezkimberly said...

thank you, ladies; that's great encouragement for a girl to read first thing in the morning! jes - see you saturday! domestica - we should talk again about working together!

Kate said...

Totally fabulous! It's going to be a hit.