08 December, 2010

a berry, berry holiday

(i'm not supposed to say "christmas" anymore, am i? ugh.)
okay - so i thought i was early with my ornament kits, and now i'm probably late with my newest ornaments:

i didnt get the exact photos i was dreaming of - but hey, it's hard to feel like i'm getting a seasonal shot when it's 74 degrees out and there arent any evergreen trees around.

those who order them through etsy (right here, please) will get them packaged simply like this:

but you lucky ducks who'll be attending renegade L.A. this weekend will get them all done up pretty-pretty in green berry boxes like this:

(bummer, but it's just too difficult/costly to send them in the mail that way... but maybe i'll figure something out in the next few days... )

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