12 March, 2010

off the cuff

my phone used to get thrown in my tote all wrapped up in any number of super-soft vintage hankies from my collection, which is good, and practical:

but then i found just the sleeve part of a sweater that i had cut up for felting and i decided that it would make a good home for phoney. here's how you do it -- simple simple: sew a seam across the cuff (or whatever length you need to accommodate your phone), cut off the excess,

flip it inside out and voila:

easiest phone cozy ever made: (uuuugh, shiver-shiver -- i really dont like the word "cozy" in the context of a carrier or protective case for something.... what else could i call it?)

oh, and the title of this post reminds me: (off the cuff -- off with his/her head) i saw mister burton's alice in wonderland last night. i was skeptical (i dont know why, it's just my nature, i guess. i'm skeptical of many things. and i happen to LOVE the story and imagery of alice in wonderland. alice books and images are one of the few things that i do collect.) but i thought it was absolutely fantastic. yes, really good. go see it; it's worth it.

1 comment:

Leila said...

I think the word "cozy" for things covering things is a bit odd as well. But more in a laughing kind of way.

And your . . . whatever for your phone is a really great idea! I need something to put my junky camera in and I think this is just the ticket.

I'm happy that you liked Alice. I felt skeptical too but I still wanted it to be good so a good review is nice to hear!