06 March, 2010

the end

au revoir royal.
i will miss waking up to sunrises out the window and staring up at the transfers of the old wallpaper prints on the plaster walls.

and i'll miss the cheery afternoon sun in the studio

and soaks in the tub by moonlight.

but there are other things that i will not miss at all.
on to more positive environs and adventures!
thank you, friends and family and colleagues and customers and fans and followers for being patient and supportive of me through this ordeal. i'm looking forward to getting all set up somewhere soon where i can get back to regular creativity and productivity!


Leila said...

Good luck in your new place! I'm sure you'll make it every bit as cute at the Royal.

ohthecuteness said...

Oh no Kim, what happened? I hope you are okay! Still loving those song lyric pieces - I used to put lyrics in my collages (back when I had time for actual art). Sigh.