17 March, 2010

green fulfilled

this is how i worked some green into my day in recognition of st. patrick's day:


plus pots:

equals pretty:

i got the plants a couple of weeks ago when i worked the philadelphia flower show for the lovely duo of martha and hugh of meehan's miniatures. i cannot say enough good things about the meehans and their plants; wonderful, WONDERFUL wonderful people and such sweet plants that i had to take a whole bunch home with me. blue creeping pilea, white rabbit's foot fern, various begonias, maidenhair vine, button ferns, peacock spikemoss --- ooh, i hope my next home has lots of windowsills.
and now that i've done the potting, i realize that i still need a few more of lovely white vessels. i love using white teacups, planters, bowls, pitchers, or whatever for green plants. i especially love the milkglass ones.

the meehan's nursery is located near harpers ferry, in maryland. if you're near there, you're in luck; but they also do mail order (for many, but not all, of their plants). see here.

now back to work!

1 comment:

Megan Woodard Johnson said...

these are gorgeous...they're all so delicate- the white pots are just right. nothing like getting a little dirt under the fingernails to really start feeling like spring, right? (said the girl who just finished looking at a forcast for snow on saturday)