18 March, 2010

green lines

it's making me happy that i can be outside stitching my orders in the spring sunshine.


cara. said...

i see you use a water soluble marker maybe...but as far as drawing that on there, do you use a stencil or just free hand it?

chezkimberly said...

hi cara! oh my goodness, i SO owe you an email!
i use transfer paper -- the stuff i use comes in a pack of five sheets (red, blue, yellow, orange, and white) and one side of the sheet is coated with a chalky like material. you place that down on your work, then put your design on top of that and just trace your design. it ends up being transfered onto your work and you can just stitch along the lines! it's super easy! i think that the brand i use is made by dritz - and it's usually available at sewing shops.

cara. said...

thank you so much! and no worries on the email. with such a busy schedule, i'm just glad you're posting. i love your work. one of these days, we'll share a booth here in portland (: