24 May, 2008

rabbit, run

in an attempt to get my butt in shape and to shake myself out of the never-ending-winter blues, i've been going on walks in the morning. morning walks in my new (old) town are pretty darn great. well this morning as i was walking down a quiet street, a bunny decided to run along with me. seriously, this little thing hopped RIGHT along side of me, maybe the closest a bunny has ever come to me in the wild, for about half a block. it made my morning.
and just yesterday, as i was sorting through fabric, i found pieces that i had already marked and cut to sew up a linen and cotton bunny just like the felt ones i did way back when. these seemed to be signs telling me, "sew that bunny!" so i did, and here he is:

i just dont like the way that poly-fill can look kinda lumpy under thin fabrics! other than that, i'd say he's pretty cute. my favorite part about him is his nose, which is made from a pink button that was handmade out of shell! (not by me -- i'm not that good...)

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