29 May, 2008

pat the bunny

i made these guys the other day. hot diggity, i LOVE working with this fabric. i don't know what i can get or use that will be as wonderful to work with as this. when i made the first bunny from this material, i explained that i had "made" this fabric by felting (throwing in the washer and dryer) a merino wool blanket that i had. it is so soft, and thick, and so... yowsers, just great -- i don't think that commercially available wool felt or fleece or anything else can be quite as dreamy. maybe i will have to start searching the thrift markets for old sweaters and blankets.
anyways, here are the new fuzzy bunnies.

they're gonna get packed up in a basket and carted up to renegade, where i hope each one of them gets scooped up and taken to a new home.

side note: yesterday i happened to look at the vendor list for renegade -- it was enough to put me into a panic. i had my first craft-fair anxiety dream last night, in which i forgot all of my cross-stitch pieces, my partner (christine, of wonting, with whom i am sharing a booth) didn't show up, and i sold maybe four things the whole time. ugh.

1 comment:

feelfuzzy said...

there so cute, they almost look like they are pouting for the camera