06 May, 2008

this is why i'm...

...crafty and curious

spent a few days at home (mom and pop's house will always be home) with the family and some friends that i had not seen in almost twenty years (eeeeks!). while at home i remembered to take a shot (poor as it may be) of mama's bookshelf. this is where i get it from -- these are the books, bought by the mom, that i grew up with. "back to basics" -- explains my desire to be a pioneer girl and make my own soap and cheese and rugs and everything else. "hundreds of things a girl can make" -- i brought that one home with me. and then there is the full spectrum of books on do-it-yourself home repair, every kind of needlecraft, quilting, sewing, antiquing, gardening, cooking... domestic bliss. i love that i grew up with this. thanks, mama! i love you.

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