21 December, 2006

xmas bats and rats

it's become a tradition. i've been making xmas bats for at least five years now and this will be year three (or four?) for the rats.
my own dad even has said, "it just wouldn't be christmas without them." we take christmas cookie-making very seriously in my family. my mom and sister and i usually get together for Christmas Cookie Weekend and make way more cookies than we can eat or give away. This years's scheduling was rough, though, and didn't allow for us to have the whole weekend-before-xmas together -- so we have to improvise. we will each be making a dough or two at our own homes and bringing it ready to roll, cut, or drop when we get together on sunday. i couldnt wait to make the bats and rats, though. i wanted to share them with my friends. (and now they are almost all gone already! yes!)
i got some help this year from jay - to whom i have to give credit for giving life to the funny little bats.

rats are so much more festive in striped scarves!

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maggie said...

i just did not think that rat and bat cookies could be so attractive! i really wish they would allow cookie shipments to sydney. can't wait to see the next cookie projects.