15 December, 2006

craftingcrafting mania

the big craft fair, bizarre bazaar, is this weekend. dana and i will be making a crazy trip out of it, rising early in the morn on saturday, drinking extra tall coffees, and zooming up to boston to make our 9:30 am load-in time (ouch, yes.) we hope to sell all of our stuff and become instant craft millionaires (HA!) or be offered our own tv network just like martha stewart.
in preparation, i have been making tons of stuff and putting way more time into the packaging and presentation than i should. it's gonna take multiple posts, but here is this year's product line.

starting with the hairpins -- new packaging this year (i am doing everything under chez-sucre-chez and leaving ruby love for my more, um, dangerous (for lack of better word right now) projects.

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