18 December, 2006


bizarre bazaar was a good time. dana and i had a totally crazy fun day. we did the whole trip in one day - leaving nyc at 5:30am and getting into boston a little before 9. by the middle of the day, we were delirious from our lack of sleep all week - that delirium actually made the rest of the day all the more fun. we did a lot of high-fiving and dancing like weirdos -- but hey - people even told us that we were great for that - so there. sales were good. the music was bad (well, not all of it, but a whole lot of it). we then got to eat at brown sugar and then zoomed home to the soundtrack of beyonce, jt, and then a whole lotta rock and roll. we got more coffee and danced in the car like maniacs. it was a great time.
thank you, friends and co-workers and family, for putting up with me in the couple of weeks prior to this event. i know i was super-busy and distracted and not so good about returning phone calls or making social plans.
i still have some products left over -- (except the city gloves -- they sold out like mad!) -- if you want anything, let me know (call me or email me) and i'll see what i can work out for you. love love love -kj


Anonymous said...

no pictures?

kimberly scola said...

sorry -- no pictures - yeah - i dropped the ball on that one - it was too busy during the sale and, well, i dont know why we didnt take pictures of our adventure (or at least the purple - yes PURPLE - rental car).