03 January, 2007

playing with knives

i sometimes marveled that i had never done this before. and now i have. i cut the tip of my finger off. damn exacto blades.
(don't worry mamma, that is a red marker heart that i put on there -- it isn't blood!)
i did pretty well. i got myself to my bed and THEN i fainted. and then janna walked with me and my finger all tied up in a piece of fabric (i learned that from survivorman!!) to the drug store where we bought a ton of first aid supplies and she doctored me up while i laid my head on the table. i am beginning to wonder what i would do without my janna. let me just say right here and now that she is an amazing friend. just last week, it was she who came to my house with gingerale, saltines, and pedialyte when i was so barfy sick i couldnt leave my bed. oh janna, i love you so. my E.T. finger and i say, "thank you, friend. you are great."

and here is the project that caused the pain... you better like your cd, roger rudd.

(the handwriting is a mess...)


rudd said...

thanks for suffering for me. i know how you are about real blood. you are a gem!

jc said...

I tip my hat to you, fine the ink in CA.

jc said...

oh... and I hope you're healing well.