11 November, 2013

savoring autumn

I'm not much a fan of autumn -- to me, it just means shorter (darker) days and colder weather. That Onion article that was going around a few weeks ago hit the nail on the head for me. The past few weeks haven't been so bad, though, and I've been savoring some of the little quintessentially autumnal activities and experiences.

The week before Halloween, we took a trip to Richmond, VA, to visit some friends who recently moved there. I brought along an apple pie and was delighted to find that a large bowl cover also makes for a perfect pie cover; eco-sweet pie transfer!

We walked around the city and then shared a delicious dinner of bread, olives, cheese and wine, followed by the apple pie. Dining like that with good friends is always such a wonderful treat!

The trees around our house have been putting on quite a show. I love the view across the little "field" from my studio window -- even on over-cast days and evenings, the lighting and trees looks so dramatic.

On this particular evening, when this photo was taken, I was watching a pair of ravens, or some other really big black birds, circling around above the trees, the way the light was hitting just the underside of their wings was fantastic - lighting them up in gold. Of course, though, I didn't manage to get a photo of that fleeting magic.

We have a really wonderful fire pit area in our backyard and as often as we can, we invite friends over for super-casual hang-outs there. The weekend after Halloween, we had some peeps over -- and Mister Jack O Lantern made for a festive backdrop:

I simmered up a big batch of warm mulled apple cider and we drank it spiked with spiced rum as we talked and enjoyed the evening.

This past weekend, my niece and nephew spent the night with us and so we did another fire night. It's adorable how much they love that. They also love that we always seem to have sparklers tucked away somewhere for them to enjoy when they're here.

The other super great autumn thing is this pumpkin pull-apart bread from the Kinfolk Table cookbook. I found the recipe on Sprouted Kitchen, via Tastespotting, and made it last week. Oh. My. Goodness. You should make it.

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