15 November, 2013

Feeling the Love

A few weeks ago, blogger and interior designer Susan Hutchinson of fleurishing asked me to participate in her local-love Philly Creatives series. She sent over a list of Q+A questions and asked me to choose ten to answer. I worked on them here and there over the past couple of weeks, and then kicked it into high gear to finish them up last night.
This morning, Susan got in touch to let me know that the post had gone live.

I read it, and had a moment of almost teary epiphany. See, in answering those interview questions, I was thinking and talking a lot about how chez-sucre-chez is a one-woman operation and that I am ultimately the one responsible for if I succeed or fail in my little business.
What I realized this morning is that this is not really true. Chez-sucre-chez would be only so much if it truly were the one-woman operation that I think it to be. In reality, chez-sucre-chez is what it is because of you, who read my blog, because of people like Susan, who share their support of chez-sucre-chez on blogs or other press outlets, because of my customers, who write nice reviews of their purchases that inspire others to place orders, because of my friends, who encourage me to keep on keeping on....
In short, I'm feeling a whole lot of gratitude this morning, for all of the people who have ever said nice things about my work, all of the customers who have ever placed an order or bought my wares at craft fairs+events, all of the buyers who've ever carried my products in their stores, all of the bloggers, magazine editors, and well-connected people who have ever chosen to feature my work on their media outlets, all of my followers on social media, all of my friends, my amazingly supportive family..... all of you. Chez-sucre-chez would only be a wistful past-time if it weren't for you. Thank you.

(PS -- Susan's blog post of my Q's & A's is here. Thank you, Susan!)

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susan said...

Such a thoughtful + beautiful sentiment Kimberly...and it's so true. My blog + business wouldn't be the same either without the support of everyone, including YOU! Thank you for your kind words. xoxo