02 November, 2013

chez-sucre-chez for Anthropologie

Remember back in this post when I was stitching up those 500 "Enjoy!" napkins for a big wholesale order? Well, they've hit the shelves -- at Anthropologie! Woohoo!

It is so exciting to me to be in that store -- it's definitely one of my favourite shops, from the homewares to the dresses to the window displays, the team at Anthropologie just does it right.
The napkins are available online:

and they're also available in some of the shops. Being a one-woman team, I could really only stitch up so many napkins; 500 sounds like a lot, but it isn't nearly enough for them to be stocked in every Anthropologie location. Unfortunately, they aren't at my local shop; if you see them at yours would you please email me a photo? I'd love to see them in the shop environment!
Actually -- these aren't even available in my shop anymore. The blue ticking stripe napkins were a discontinued style from one of my suppliers, and I bought up every last one to complete this order - so, if you love them, hop on over to the site to snap 'em up or find out if your local shop has them!

Also exciting is that they are carrying my boyfriend hankie kits as well. These are available only online:

But you can still find them in my shop as well...

I'm so excited that this worked out and that I'm able to see my products as part of their line up. Everyone I worked with over there, from the buyers team to vendor relations, was so nice and helpful. Fingers crossed that we may be able to do more work together in the future!

Next up -- I'm in full-swing prep for the holidays! I know, most of us don't want to see holiday marketing yet - but it creeps up so fast! I'll spare you the details for another week or two - but if you want a sneak peek (including a holiday variation of the "Enjoy!" napkin) take a look at my shop!

Have a great weekend, friends!

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I just saw them at my Anthro! I'll go back and take a picture for you! So exciting!!!