26 April, 2013

new crop of rose towels and some other recent photo successes

Today I photographed the rose towels:

And I loved the way they turned out!

Photographing my work is never as easy as I want it to be. Although we're high up on the third floor, and we get lovely bright light in most of the front rooms, the light is rarely *right* in the places where I need it to be.
My studio is usually way too cluttered and chaotic to set up any sort of photo-shoot, and our kitchen doesn't get enough even light, the bedroom has less-than-ideal green walls which don't make a good backdrop (though the color is lovely in that room, it's not one I would have chosen...), and the living room is usually too bright for photos... So that leaves the laundry room/B's man-room.

Although I do my best to present our home and the photos that I take of my work as all nicey-nice and beautiful, this is the reality:

Ha! I do the set-up on top of an inherited ironing board (with a reeeeaaally ugly cover), with a backdrop of printed paper, in a corner against the doors of the laundry closet. B's weight sets are on the floor at my feet. How's that for a little honesty? My friend Melanie and I used to joke about doing a blog where, instead of showcasing photos of beautifully curated spaces and carefully cropped images of perfection, we show what things REALLY look like. Like: Well, you see I've been doing all of this wonderful stitching work; in the meantime, here's what I didn't get to -- picking up the pile of dirty clothes next to the bed! Heh-heh... I think I'll stick to curing the photos to keep things nicey-nice.

Also this morning, I managed to take a couple of other photos I like of recently-completed work:

Continuing my purple/violet kick, I did the L.O.V.E. letters in lilac. And the Shakespeare quote is a custom piece for the nursery of one of the sweetest little baby girls I know. I'm thinking that I might add that one to the shop, however, as a regular stitched-to-order option.

Last week I updated the photos for two other regular shop items - I'd been using the same photos of these for years and felt like it was time for a little spring cleaning.

Oh, and I'll leave you with one more of those "honest" photos; here's one catching a piece mid-fall as I was trying to photograph it. (Instead of constantly putting holes in my background surfaces, I use masking tape or that sticky tac stuff -- it usually causes some frustration and borderline disaster.)

Have a beautiful weekend, friends!

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