09 April, 2013

to market to market

when i was little, i went to brownie or girl scout camp for a week or two in the summer. i think i did this for two or three summers.... for the occasion, my mom made me a simple cotton drawstring bag, to carry my belongings. (she also sewed tags with my name on it into all of my clothes.) i still remember that drawstring bag, with its strawberry print, and i think that was something of the inspiration behind my latest project.

who doesn't love a sweet little drawstring bag?

i'm marketing them as, well, marketing bags --- with the idea that you throw a few into your everyday or market tote and then as you're out and about shopping, you use these instead of taking and using (and throwing away - or maybe recycling) a plastic bag.

i photographed them as they'd be used at a farmers market, but these would also be great to have for clothes shopping, or for using as a shoe-bag when traveling, or as a little beach tote, or a snack bag to bring to work, or, or, or..... really - they work for a whole lot of uses.

currently, i'm using up my yards and yards and yards of printed (and some solids) cotton fabric that i've been collecting and hoarding for years - so i don't yet have standardized prints or sizes. on etsy, i've got them listed in sets of three of various sizes and prints, but i think, eventually, i'll work out some constants and offer them individually. these are going with me to clover market this weekend (ardmore, PA) and then i'll continue to offer them at my spring and summer sales/events (art star philly, renegade brooklyn).

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