10 September, 2012

feeling blue...

...in a very good way.
Remember that post just last week when I was freaking out over the color of those blue berries? Well, the day or two after that, I inherited my grandmother's Blue Nordic dishes -- and they are THAT blue color.
Aren't they great? (I do understand that you cannot see them fully in this photo....I forgot to get one of *just* the dishes...) I have so many wonderful memories tied to these dishes. I'm pretty sure they were the only plate set that my grandmother and grandfather ever had, while I was around. I remember eating grilled cheese sandwiches, and English muffin pizzas off of those dishes.(My Nan made the *best* English muffin pizzas - to this day, I have never been able to replicate them.) I remember Sunday night spaghetti dinners with all of my mom's family seated around the table. (And tasting super dry Chianti and thinking it absolutely disgusting.) I remember my Poppi carving turkey and putting it on the serving platters of this set. (Way back in the day when I still ate turkey!) And then I remember setting the table with those same dishes years later when Nani and Poppi retired down in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
My Nan moved out of that house in NC years ago and since then, the plates had been packed up in a box - and for a time, thought to be lost or donated. And then they were found! Hooray! Hooray! I wanted these so badly... So many good memories tied to them and I just think they are absolutely stunning. So now they've become inspiration.

I'll soon be putting in my order for the towels that I use for my monogram tea towels and this holiday season, I'm limiting the color range slightly. Last year I offered many different color options, and I liked giving that choice, but honestly, it was a bit too much for me in terms of keeping track of inventory and running out of colors and having to replace/reorder so many. This year, I'm going a little more simple... This blue will definitely be on the list, though.

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