07 September, 2012

classes and bike boxes

Hello friends!
I've got two little bits to share with you today. They're both long overdue, actually...

One: I'm getting back into the classroom! I'm teaching a beginner cross-stitch class on Saturday, October 6th at the Creutzberg Center in Radnor, PA as part of Main Line School Night. I'm pretty excited about this. With the class, students get a Little Owl Love kit and we'll do the project together. It's really the best way to teach/learn cross-stitch - by going through a project together from start to finish. Afterwards, students will have the opportunity to purchase other kits at a mega discount price. Sounds fun, right?
I know this is only good for those of you who are in the Eastern PA area, but the info is here. If you do happen to be local, even if you're not interested in learning cross-stitch with me (I know most of you reading this probably know how already....) there are a lot of other really fantastic classes being offered by Main Line School Night. I know if I lived a little closer that I'd be taking one or two! Check them out here.

Two: Friends of mine are working on a really cool project -- they're making canvas covers for milkcrates that you can then use as a bike box. They're calling them Boova Boxes, which is a little nod to the mennonite culture that inspired the design. (These friends and the Boovabox project are based in Kutztown, PA.) Taking steps towards getting the project off the ground and into full-scale production for a wider audience, Paul and Giles have set up a kickstarter to help generate funds. If you like riding your bicycle and the idea of a new cool bike box, maybe you could check it out - the page is here. And if you click, you'll see the design that I created for them! (I stole this little preview image from their site...)

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