11 February, 2012

snowy white

if you've read my last few posts, you'll know that i was very happy to wake up to soft white flakes floating past the window and covering the ground. snow! finally! (even if it is just a dusting....)

two shots from my morning:

yesterday afternoon i made this cake, after seeing it via tastespotting. it's a grapefruit olive oil cake --- very *very* zingy. try it!

and last week, i bought myself an instant collection of milk glass vases:

they're all lined up on one of the window frames of the studio. (the rest of the studio is such a mess, i couldn't put any more of it in this photo.) i love seeing these milky white glasses sitting there, especially on sunny mornings, when the light shining through them casts blue on one or two (especially the third one from the right).

i hope you all enjoy your saturday. i'll be toiling away in the studio making some last-minute valentine goods for a mini craft fair/sale/event on sunday at tattooed mom in philadelphia. here's the flyer:

if you're local enough, please stop by! even if you've already done your valentine shopping (if you're into that sort of thing...), you can stop by for a drink and a hello, right?! (a craft event in a bar? genius!)

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