04 February, 2012

hanky panky -- a whole lot more of it!

i'm trying to get out the door to start my weekend with a walk at one of the local nature preserves -- and a trip to terrain (their pop-overs make for such a delicious breakfast!), but before i do, here's a quick post to show you all of the newest hankie kits.

a while back i mentioned the new bestie kits - kits meant for you to embroider and give to your best girl friends - well, they're up! (they've been up for a little while, actually.)

i have to give huge thanks to the chez-sucre-chez facebook followers who gave me such super fantastic suggestions for the words you'd use for your best friends -- i was stuck for ideas and their ideas made it much easier for me to create the template.

how beautiful are these hankies?!?!

these kits are available in the shop here and here (with hoop).

and then, there are these ones, which i just listed this morning, also for your best gals:

i have been positively swooning over the style of these hankies since i got them. so far, i've only been able to snag two of each color of these, and i used one of my favourites to stitch up the sample. i'm not yet sure if i can get more of these, so i suggest you snatch one up quick if you like them!

acorns - yes, they're ACORNS!

and, in time for valentine's day, i was able to get more white hankies for the valentine-edition boyfriend hankie kits.

and i've restocked on all the other regular boyfriend hankie kits -- blue is now back in stock!

gotta run! see them all here. bye!

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Megan Woodard Johnson said...

they are all fantastic! as usual your work is flawless. and i LOVE the acorn hankies- what a score!