24 February, 2012

clouds on the horizon

i've been trying to get myself in the habit of doing one or two cloud pieces a day, as i rebuild my collection.
yesterday, the sky was bright and blue,

and the pieces on my work-table seemed to reflect that:

today, on the other hand, the sky was grey and dark,

and i found myself drawn to darker color fabrics:

i'm really excited about this growing collection of clouds... i still want to do several more, so i won't have any finished work for a couple weeks, probably, but i look forward to creating some new groupings for my etsy shop and to take with me to the spring fairs.

in other news, my house is mildly infested with lady bugs; it has been for the past month or so. but i don't mind, i kind of like it just fine and leave them be.
ladybugs seem to like silver-lined cloud pieces, too:

and my plants (which is good for them!):

and this one seems to like my milkglass vase collection. "she" just kept going round and round the rim of this one:

cute, eh? (we've also got stink-bugs, though - and those, i do mind. they've not been getting the kind treatment that the ladybugs have gotten. i get great satisfaction from lifting each stinkbug i find onto a piece of paper and then flinging it out the door or window, all the while muttering to it how it's just lived its last moments in luxury. "you're not welcome here -- goodbye!" i like to sternly say to them as i kick them out. i haven't seen one all day though - maybe i got rid of them all!)

and lastly, so that i leave you on a sweet note and not a stinky one, here's a recipe i highly recommend:

home made cinnamon raisin bread from the "martha stewart baking handbook." (this recipe here is a teeny bit different - but probably just as easy and delicious- i halved the recipe to just make one loaf.) man oh mighty, this stuff is good! if you're looking for weekend baking project, here's one to try!
have a good one, friends. and remember, if you're in los angeles, go to the opening party of "these friends three" at THIS tonight! (see below) ciao!

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Chase Clark l Oh The Cuteness! said...

Aww your clouds are so cute! I've been really into clouds lately... I blame Pinterest lol.