18 August, 2010

things in my kitchen...

...that make me happy:

my nesting doll measuring cups - a very thoughtful gift from a couple of very sweet friends (they're made by fred and friends - i've talked about products made by that company before here), and my cut-by-me papercut from a pattern sold by elsita (see the other one i did and find link to the item in her shop here.)
and today, figs and lavender that i harvested from the yard this morning:

also in my kitchen making me happy: my dutch heart tea towel by sara smedley, my crocheted pot holder by emily sparks (which i bought at renegade L.A.), and my borrowed kitchen aid mixer (mine didnt make the trip out here...) i attempted to get all three of those last items into a photo, but there was just too much going on in that shot and i couldnt get it right....
i hope you are all having a happy day. xo.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

the matreshka dolls measuring cups are lovely!