13 August, 2010

happy morning

breakfast is served:

i am so loving the fig tree outside my door.
(and this little tulip plate i scored at a thrift shop!)


Leila said...

I've never had a fig in my life. How weird is that? I think I've had fig jam though and liked it. Do figs grow in our neck of the woods? Maybe I should plant a tree. Or find a fig to try first!

chezkimberly said...

leila - you MUST try a fig. they're in season now, i suppose (if my tree is giving figs, they must be, right?) try farmers markets - or whole foods. i love them plain, but also with brie, or blue cheese. a sandwich of figs, brie and arugula is AMAZING. there's no comparison between fresh figs and dried -- you just gotta try a fresh one!