14 December, 2009

sale on!

finally! all of my holiday sales are over and i while i don't have a whole lot of goods left over, those that i do have i've put in the shop with new shiny super-cheap price tags! it's the chez-sucre-chez last minute holiday shopping sale!
quantities are limited and the sale only applies to items that are already made up -- so custom-stitched monograms and most cross-stitch pieces don't get a discount. (and if you want one of those items to have in time for holiday gift-giving, you'd better order it today!)
but check it out -- there are some already-stitched monogram tea towels, (in funky patterns and colors!):

a few of the cross stitch pieces (very limited quanties):

tooth buddies:

chambray blue hand towels (there were white ones, but a certain very awesome man bought the last two!):

do-it-yourself cross-stitch kits/patterns:


and more! see it all and do your shopping here.
hurry up! i'm making runs to the post office tomorrow tuesday and wednesday of this week - which should give just enough time for packages to arrive prior to x-mas. (i'll also be making runs on thursday and probably friday - but that's kinda pushing it, unless you want to contact me about expedited shipping rates).
and after this week -- oooooh, i am so looking forward to taking a little bit of time off from the shop to concentrate on my own holiday crafting and baking. wow.


Skylark Studio said...

SHUT. UP. Michael Stipe?!!!?!!!!

did he make it to sara's booth?!?!

chezkimberly said...

haha. yes, it was awesome. i was psyched but i think i played it cool. i think i played it almost too cool. i regret now that i didnt quietly tell him what an influence he was on me as a wee 16 year old. i mean, he told me that he liked my work - and that made me happy - so why shouldn't i have told him that i like his work? le sigh. maybe next time?

jelly said...

i really, really, really like your work.
very nice.