31 December, 2009

obsession of the day


i made one batch, using the recipe in this month's everyday food (i checked - it's not up on the site yet.) the other day.
it's so easy to make and so delicious that i had to try more...
so i went to epicurious (my regular go-to -- i like using the reviews to see how others did with the recipes.) and found this recipe, which i used as my base guide for the next batch. inspired by my one of my favourite cookies, i did a batch of cranberry pistachio. yum.

and then, as usual, i couldnt stop there - i had to make just one more batch... (i've explained before - i tend to get obsessed and i feel a need to make not just one of something, but to do it over and over again until i have made it mine.)
so then i made vanilla maple almond. sooooo delish!

go mix yourself up a batch! it takes only like 5 minutes to throw together and about 20 minutes to bake. you can make it with any combination of nuts and/or fruits that you want or that you have on hand - way cheaper and maybe even healthier than the stuff you buy in stores. yaaaaaay granola!
ps - i promise that i will be back to posting about normal crafty stuff soon. i've been working on some bigger projects that are taking a while to finish and they're not quite ready to be photographed yet. thank you to those of you who have sent me emails and posted comments these past couple of weeks - you are such an inspiration to me!


Louise said...

oooo they do look yummy. Happy new year!


I love your baking posts!!!! xo

thea said...

Oooooooo, these do look super yummy!