28 December, 2009


i didn't do much documenting this past week. i was more so just content in spending time with my loved ones and relishing the holiday traditions.
here are the little bits i did get, though:
x-mas cactus appropriately in bloom:

home-made salted caramels:

they were goooooood. i used this recipe.

emil meeting

and loving

his new catnip-filled knitted mice:

(he's still working on unwrapping the other one.)

this flippin' awesome note from aidyn:

(he wrote it by himself for my parents.)

aidyn's photo of me rockin' around the family x-mas tree:

my poor attempt at getting a shot of bella and myself reflected in the glass:

(but you CAN see the lovely manicure that miss bella did for me -- ten minutes before i found out that there was no nail polish remover in the house.)

and last, but certainly not least, my favourite gift this year:

totally rad, right? wow. i love it just as much as last year's present.

i hope you all had a delightful holiday with your loved ones.
i'm gearing up to jump back into work.... new stuff soon, i hope!

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