23 October, 2013

Martha Stewart American Made - the Marketplace

Oh, I am so behind on blog posts! Last week, I was in NYC for the second year of the Martha Stewart American Made event. Being last year was like a dream come true, so to have been asked to participate again this year?! I was psyched. It is *such* an amazingly exciting and inspiring event - I was so happy to be there!

Having moved out of NYC, leaving Brooklyn in 2008 for the Pennsylvania country-side, I don't get back to the city nearly as often as I thought I would when I first left. Now, so many of my friends who had lived there at the same time I did are gone, too, and I have even less reason to go. Boooo! This past week, however, was a joy to be in the city -- not as a visitor, but as a worker-bee, a temporary resident with a purpose. I loved getting back into that routine of briskly traveling through streets and subway tunnels (and all of the stairs!) on my daily commute. The Market days were long and full -- I didn't get much time to catch up with friends outside of it -- but it was, as expected, a terrific experience.

These two terrible photos are the only ones I snapped, but there are a lot of shots, and some great recaps on The Martha Blog. In this particular post, there's a photo of me -- slide 64. :)

One of the highlights of the event was being a guest on the Martha Stewart radio programming for SiriusXM. I'd never been on the radio before! I tried to send out notice via twitter, instagram, and facebook, but, as luck would have it, the building I was in for the broadcast had no reception, and my tweet/instagram/fb post didn't go through until after the program, and it isn't archived (publicly) anywhere. Sorry! I wish I'd gotten to give you all notice; I had been so nervous, but the interview/broadcast actually went really well I think! It was fun, I was on the program to talk about the American Made small business movement of makers/crafters/artisans, and the hosts, Eddie and Taylor were wonderful. I shared the airtime with Shon McKinley of Dust Bowl Dry Goods -- he had great things to say about how he got started and what it means to be a maker as part of the American Made movement... Good times -- sorry I couldn't have clued you in before it aired!!

Otherwise, just being in that beautiful room (it was held in Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Station) with all of that creative talent was enough to make my year. I saw the familiar faces of customers and chez-sucre-chez supporters from previous NYC events, met new friends, and hopefully made a few more fans. (Lots of folks purchasing the diy x-stitch kits to revisit the craft after a hiatus of many years; I hope they all enjoy it!). I was visited by one customer from last year who told me that the kits she bought last year were the thing that occupied her days during the power outage caused by Hurricane Sandy - that she stitched by the light of the day until it got too dark to do so. I love that she shared that story with me! She bought more kits this year - let's hope there's no disaster like Sandy to come along!

I'm so appreciative of all those involved in the event that believe in me and my little company. The editors of Martha Stewart living, Martha Stewart herself (!!!), and the whole team of individuals it took to coordinate and put the event together --- thank you. I'm amazed (and continually inspired) of all that they do and the power and reach of their creativity and motivation.

But this isn't even the whole story!! Stay tuned --- there's another exciting part to tell about; I'll be back tomorrow to tell you about The American Made Market (it's different than the Marketplace that took place in NYC last week). !!!!

But there's more! Stay tuned.... tomorrow or the next day I'll let you in on the next thing... !!!

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