11 September, 2013


In my absence from this here blog, this is a lot of what I've been up to:

I've got a big wholesale order for 500 of my "Enjoy!" napkins and I have been stitching, and stitching, and stitching to make that happen. I stopped counting after I got to 300... now I'm just going to keep on stitching until all of the napkins are gone.

This shot was taken maybe early last week....

That was still a lot of napkins to be done....


It's not so bad.... At first, I was letting the job overwhelm me, and it was ALL I could focus on, even when I wasn't making my quota of at least 8 a day (now that quota is at least 10-15 a day). When I first got the order, I thought, heck, 500 isn't that much... Oh, but it kind of is, when you're a one-woman production line, and each napkin needs to be washed, and dried, and ironed, and prepped, and stitched, and labeled, and tagged, and packed.... Thankfully, my mama came over the other day and knocked out a lot of the ironing. I'm feeling good about where I am as far as my progress and getting closer to the due date. I think.... like I said, I stopped counting at 300, but that box of un-prepped napkins is nearly empty now. (Hooray!)

Now that I'm feeling more on-top of it, I do hope to start posting again more regularly.... I hope.
In the rest of my time, I'm busy crankin' out the product for Crafty Bastards, and the Martha Stewart American Made event. Last year was my first time vending at Crafty Bastards and it was AMAZING. I'm thrilled to have been accepted again this year. Same for the Martha Stewart American Made event. Last year was the first year that they did this, and I was over-the-moon to have been selected and invited by the editors of Living to set up shop in the Marketplace for the event. It was such an honor to be there, and such a fun event -- I blinked several times in delight and disbelief when I got the email inviting me again this year. I'm sooooo excited!

Bowl covers were great sellers at both events. In fact, I sold out of them before the close of the day at Crafty Bastards, and by the end of the first day at American Made. So, I've been rocking my sewing machine making these up in hopes of being better prepared this year. The studio bed is getting covered... But I definitely still have more to do.

So see, I've been busy! I'll post later with week with details of both of the above mentioned events.


Jillian said...

500!?!?!?! Wow you are awesome! Keep up the good work. :)

Anonymous said...

After 300 did the word enjoy seem to look weird to you?

Congrats on both shows! I am sure you will do great!


chezkimberly said...

Thank you, Jillian! I will feel *so* much more sane when this is finished!

chezkimberly said...

Em, Ha! Actually, that hasn't happened --- yet. I totally know what you mean, though. Now that I've read your comment and it's in my head, each one I stitch will probably look more foreign than the last. :)

Anonymous said...


Heehee it's like a sneeze sometimes, the moment someone mentions it!