10 April, 2012


i viewed a lot of cherry blossoms:

visited a lot of shrines and temples:

i reveled in the views from the hotel rooms:

marveled at the sights, and the lights, and the sounds, and the smells that are tokyo:

and old kyoto:

i drank much sake:

and nibbled many treats:

(despite the fact that the menus looked like this:)

i did peruse fabric, and craft, and stationary shops, too. it was a lovely trip. a wonderful break. (i only did about four hours of stitching on my entire trip -- including the long plane rides!)
and now that i think i'm over the jet-lag, i'm so happily jumping back into work - with only four days to prepare for the first date of clover market! (ardmore, PA - sunday, april 15th - make it if you can! more info here.)
oh, and this weather and the full-on spring bloom that i've returned to -- amazing!

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