20 April, 2012

seeing red, and blue, and white

these are the colors i come back to - over and over and over.

red. blue. white -- and sometimes i see it as total americana, the same inspiration of ralph lauren, and other-times it's all frenchy-french to me - like the colors of a godard film (i know - i reference this all the time...). sometimes it's nautical in feeling, sometimes homespun and rustic. always, it looks and feels so right to me. sigh.

this is a new stitching color option that i just came up with - and can't believe i hadn't done it before. i've been stitching up monogram tea towels for my upcoming spring craft fair events, and the ones i've done this week have been all variations of blue, red, white and off-white. this one happened yesterday and my heart kind of quickened.
i like when that happens.
i hope you all have a super-duper weekend. i know i'm most looking forward to time spent stitching -- i'm currently two-thirds of the way through my most ambitious stitching project yet - and i'm so eager to see it finished! hopefully, i'll be sharing pics soon. xo!

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