07 December, 2007

hearts and crafts recap

last weekend was the holiday edition of the hearts and crafts affair....and i'm just now getting to recap. (things have been busy - in a really good way.)
well, first of all -- a big thank you and hooray to the wonderful miss kira b. ( http://www.missbirney.blogspot.com/ ) -- that girl sure knows how to organize and throw a craft fair; at the end of the fair, as the vendors were all packing up, we were chatting and all agreed that hearts and crafts is the best craft fair around. (it may have helped that kira busted out and started serving a case or so of champagne somewhere around the four o'clock hour.)
anyway -- i had a great time, as usual. i felt really good about my work and the haphazard presentation of it that i threw together.

i chatted with a lot of very nice people (including some who found me/sought me out from the post about me on decor8!! http://decor8.blogspot.com/{check the november archive}) who all said very nice things about my work, a lot of my friends stopped by, which is always sweet, and i met some really talented artists/crafters.
marliyn has done the last few hearts and crafts affairs, and i always liked her crafty work, but what is REALLY great is her paintings -- she has them hung in cafe grumpy this month and they look BEAUTIFUL -- check them out - i am really hoping that she gets the right attention - her work is great. http://marilynglinka.com/
barbara was my neighbor for the day and it worked out swimmingly - her drawings and my work hung on the wall next to each other looked so cool -- we had similar color schemes and themes going on (red and blue and ponies and other animals --i wish i had a picture of both of our walls together). her drawings are really very special; take a look: http://www.mylittlepictures.com
betsy was across from me and had a lovely display. betsyply.etsy.com
andria takes photos and makes clocks and she's always fun to talk to. newyorkclocks.etsy.com
and roxanna makes the CUTEST sock elephants and kitties and puppies. i hope she creates an online site or store soon, because her work is really great and her line is so polished -- she'll be a success, for sure.
thanks to everyone who stopped by to see me and my stuff!


kira birney said...

you rock!

www.projectblancoyd.typepad.com said...

those are fantastic! i love your blog.