05 December, 2007

elephants in the room

best day at work -- (ever?)

working a 9 - 6 day job (where i have no access to my personal email or files) has been a challenge -- especially as all has been going so well with the chez... i find dylan's words rolling on a constant loop in my head sometimes, "i've got a head full of ideas, and it's driving me insane." but i can't quit maggie's farm quite yet.
today, however, was a fun one. i got to make an elephant trunk and ears for the president of the company.
with the help of the fabulous jenny wong (on quick-stitch detail), kristy humin (headband/ear-attachment engineering) and jessica stahl (snout extraordinaire) we whipped up a pretty sweet elephant costume on very short notice.
our very fun president was psyched with our creation - and she actually wore the ears and the trunk during the company wide meeting -- to make the point of addressing the elephants in the room.

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