04 December, 2013

Art Star Holiday Market at Winterfest

This coming weekend, if you are in the Philadelphia area, you should come on out to the Art Star Holiday Market at Winterfest; I'll be there on Sunday.
The Holiday Market is going on every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from now (last weekend, actually) until New Years. There are vendors lined up for each day, some the same, some different. AND there is food and drink and ice skating! And a fire pit, with seats all around it, and an Xmas tree lot. Sounds cool, right?
I went last weekend to check it out and I can say, I was impressed. The space is really cool looking -- it looks NOTHING like the usual set-up/space of Penn's Landing.
This is a crummy shot I took with my phone last weekend, but you can get some idea of the space:

The shops will all be set up in those shipping containers, and behind them, underneath that big tent, is the food and drink, along with lots of picnic tables and even some cozy lap blankets. Fun, right? The food wasn't set up yet, so I can't vouch for that, but I can tell you that the menu looked really delicious. I had a Snap (Art in the Age) Spicy Chai cocktail and that was super good -- warmed the tummy and the spirits!

I'm very much looking forward to setting up shop in one of those shipping containers. It's different than any other set up I've done, and I think it'll be really cool. The biggest thing is that we need people to know that it's going on! Please, if you are a Philadelphia local, or you know Philadelphia locals, help spread the word! Of course you can go on any Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, but I hope you'll come while I'm there! I'll be there this Sunday (12/8) and next Saturday (12/14) Here is the website, which'll give you more info about what you'll find there and the vendor schedule for each day. And here is the facebook page, which I'm sure will be posting info about updates and vendor sneak peaks. Please tell your friends, family -- anyone who might be interested in popping by. And, if you do make it out there, please come by and say hello!

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