11 July, 2013

can you dig?

On the hoop this week (carrying over from last week) are some custom pieces for a small independent chain of restaurants in NYC called Dig Inn. I did the first of these pieces two years ago and I can't believe I never posted about it. (Maybe I did and I just can't find it?)

Though I've never been to one, I've stalked the site of Dig Inn and it all looks really good to me. The restaurant focuses on healthy seasonal foods -- seems they've got the right idea, and they must be doing well, because I've been asked to do a few more pieces. Woohoo all around!

I found a photo of one of the pieces here. Cool, right?
Well, my calendar is booking up with events and reasons to go to NYC this fall (many exciting things! I'll share with you as those things get closer...), so maybe I'll get a chance to visit one of the Dig Inns... Have any of you ever been?