03 November, 2011

please... lightened up

oh my goodness, i've been a bad blogger... sorry, i've been working lots and lots of custom orders. soon i'll post photos!

here's the latest listing in the shop:

i stitched it up almost a month ago, but just got it photographed and listed. the design is familiar, yes, but this one is in a one-of-a-kind colorway. i'd love it if someone with dark walls (like charcoal grey!) bought it, but i'll be content sending it to any happy home.

today is one of those beautiful sunshine-y fall days here, so i'm going to try to finish up my work and get out there for an hour or two! i hope you're all doing swell. xo.


Anonymous said...

Hey you used to teach at P.S.I.S. 187 right?

Anonymous said...

Yo Kimberly! You taught the 5th grade at p.s.i.s 187, did you not? Plz I want to know too!