08 October, 2010

i get around

check out the photo below:

see anything familiar? this was on page 121 of october's good housekeeping magazine. one of my customers with a keen eye spotted the chez-sucre-chez card in the photo and wrote to tell me about it. when she wrote that she "noticed one of your tags on a lamp that they turned into a bulletin board," i didn't quite know what she meant. but then later that day i happened to have been near a barnes and noble shop, so i popped in and checked it out and then snapped the above photo. pretty cool, right? thanks for the heads up, kelly!
and now i'm off to pack up my car for a cross-country road trip! i probably won't be posting anything for another week or so but i will be taking plenty of photos and i will be checking in on the twitter from time to time. got any advice or recommendations for places to see/things to do? leaving tomorrow and still unsure of whether we're going to take the straight-across or the southern route -- i'm up for suggestions! leave comments or send me an email if you've got any tips for me! xo-kj

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Keiko / Small Adventure said...

hey that's awesome! too bad they didn't credit you to get you more exposure. but still cool. have fun on your trip!