28 August, 2009

i dreamt about you last night...

(though i didn't fall out of bed.)

i've had this one in the works for-EV-er and it's been finished for almost a week now, but i'm just now getting photographing it (albeit they're half-assed photos) and posting about it. and really i was only prompted to get it up and out here because i had a dream last night that someone beat me to it. but in my dream i think it was that someone cross-stitched "steven patrick morrissey" and some dates or some traditional cross-stitch doo-dads. weird.

this was supposed to be the first in a series of pieces based on or quoting song lyrics, but i don't think i am going to get to any more like this for a little while...i've kinda got a lot to do right now. someday, though -- someday, there will be more. i've even got a bunch of little quotes all written down and waiting to be turned into patterns to be turned into stitches.

please excuse the terrible photos. (goodness, i've been saying that a lot lately -- true it's been dark and dreary here the past two days but i think it probably has more to do with the fact that i've just been too impatient and busy and preoccupied to take the time to get the photos just right lately... not good, i know.)

don't know if anyone will be interested because the photos are so darned dull, but the piece is listed on etsy. the listing is here. maybe one sunny day i will get to re-photographing.

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